We all love to eat... but what about cooking?
Many, already knowing, how to cook, and even more, who are learning how to make the food tasty, beautiful, gourmet, exotic... but what about healthy?

Apie mus

Aistė Švetkauskė, the founder of the Good Food Studio, who has graduated healthy cooking training courses in Leiths School of London, studied molecular gastronomy at Inno Gastro in Florence. Besides that, Aistė has participated in many other projects to improve her nutritional knowledge. Today, the founder of the Good Food Studio is an author of nutritious recipes, a master of educational cooking courses, an inspiration for a healthier living. She has been interested in the benefits of a healthful food and its’ impact on the quality of life since she can remember…


Aistė inherited her taste for good food from her grandmother – her mother’s mother. Her grandmother used to cook not only for her family. She used to cook for weddings. “It was a great honor,” Aistė recalls her grandmother telling her. Her passion for food has created her second home – Good Food Studio, a place to share, teach, amaze, and bring the masterpieces of healthy taste to your festive and everyday table.


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